Cloud Computing

A doctor looking for patient data on a desktop computer
By Adam Ang 12:51 am December 22, 2023
Also, FPT has closed a deal to exclusively distribute Nipro's blood glucose monitors in Vietnam.
Two nurses checking a patient's medical record on a digital tablet
By 05:02 pm December 19, 2023
Together, talent and technology can help to solve Southeast Asia’s nursing shortage by relieving the pressure on healthcare workers, improving the nurse and patient experience and getting people the care they deserve.
Person in mask
By Jessica Hagen 12:30 pm December 15, 2023
The two models of MedLM are built on the tech giant's medical LLM Med-PaLM 2, with one designed for complex tasks and the other for scaling across various tasks.  
Stethoscope on iPad
By Bill Siwicki 10:11 am December 15, 2023
William Lewkowski, vice president of HCTec, a healthcare consulting firm, discusses a distributed landscape for healthcare and health IT and new technologies leaders at provider organizations must consider.
Andrew Pedrazzini
By Adam Ang 09:16 pm December 07, 2023
Also, Mercy Health is modernising its recruitment and people management.
Triage nurse reviews EHR as she registers a patient.
By Andrea Fox 11:09 am December 06, 2023
Plus: HFMA and FinThrive release RCM modernization assessment tool, a peer-reviewed adoption model for healthcare providers.
Healthcare workers in a meeting
By Adam Ang 01:18 am December 05, 2023
They are also committed to investing in AI technologies in the long run.
Physician using computer
By Andrea Fox 01:37 pm December 01, 2023
The company says it has added expanded capabilities for its radiology generative AI co-copilot to help further alleviate clinician burnout.
Doctor looking at smartphone
By 05:45 am November 28, 2023
How Providence St. John’s Health Center unified its communications.
A nurse checking a patient's file on a laptop along a hospital corridor
By Adam Ang 10:48 pm November 23, 2023
Also, WA Health has extended its cloud contract with Atos.