Population Health

A doctor looking for patient data on a desktop computer
By Adam Ang 12:51 am December 22, 2023
Also, FPT has closed a deal to exclusively distribute Nipro's blood glucose monitors in Vietnam.
Jenny Ma, senior advisor in the HHS Office for Civil Rights, and  Dr. Mark Sendak of the Duke Institute for Health Innovation
By Andrea Fox 11:02 am December 20, 2023
Leaders at ONC's annual meeting were asked whether they're confident that federal agencies and the private sector can work together to foster innovation while protecting against bias and safety risks. Here's what they had to say.
Healthcare professional with tablet and laptop
By Andrea Fox 11:49 am December 14, 2023
The agency said the new strategy is critical to achieving its goal of reducing cancer deaths by 50% and improving the burdens of cancer treatments on patients and families.
Healthcare worker at computer talking to patient in hospital bed
By 01:30 am December 12, 2023
Deploy a unified communications platform to streamline workflows.
Compudopt CEO Megan Steckly on the digital divide
By Bill Siwicki 12:30 pm December 11, 2023
Compudopt enables millions of households to participate in telemedicine – and its community portal offers free tech support, resources and low-cost services for food, housing and more.
Patient talking to doctor
By 05:40 am December 11, 2023
When patients feel welcomed, treatment adherence improves.
HIMSSCast logo
By Mike Miliard 11:12 am December 08, 2023
The new public-private collaboration Insight Net is using advanced biosurveillance to respond to outbreaks and prevent future pandemics. Dylan George, director of the CDC's Center for Forecasting and Outbreak Analytics, explains more.
Parent and child in mask talking to doctor in mask
By Jeff Lagasse 04:42 pm December 06, 2023
Many racial and ethnic groups feel they must be very careful about their appearance to be treated fairly during healthcare visits.
Healthcare workers in a meeting
By Adam Ang 01:18 am December 05, 2023
They are also committed to investing in AI technologies in the long run.
Professor Mahmood Adil speaking in front of the attendees
By Rachel McArthur 04:16 am December 01, 2023
Marking its two-year anniversary this month, the HIMSS Middle East chapter is expanding, with strategic plans in place to contribute towards advancing regional healthcare ecosystems.