Person in front of laptop with remote medical device on finger
10:40 am November 27, 2023
Hospital-at-home, RPM and other related telehealth services are an increasingly large component of the care-delivery equation for many hospitals and health systems. Here's where providers are finding success with these new modalities.
Smiling nurses standing in hospital hallway
01:06 pm October 24, 2023
Despite facing immense challenges since the pandemic began, the nursing workforce is nothing but resilient and resourceful. These stories show how RNs and NPs are embracing emerging tech to advance their mission to serve patients.
CGI brain image - Yuichiro Chino/Getty Images
04:54 pm September 25, 2023
Algorithms and large language models are already transforming healthcare processes across many use cases. Here's how some pioneering health IT leaders are using AI today, and how they're planning for the future.
HIMSS23 APAC Health Conference banner with healthcare workers in background
04:38 pm September 05, 2023
The HIMSS23 Asia-Pacific Health Conference on 18-21 September in Jakarta, Indonesia, will shine a spotlight on personalised models of care, big data and emerging technologies.
Group of healthcare workers sharing a high-five
10:12 am August 08, 2023
Browse through the very latest case study stories from Healthcare IT News, stories that show how provider organizations are putting all kinds of technologies to use – and achieving significant results.
01:29 pm August 29, 2022
Care, data and connectivity as well as what Indonesia can learn from other nations to advance digital transformation in healthcare will be major themes at the HIMSS22 Asia-Pacific Conference happening from 26-29 September in Bali, Indonesia.
Medical worker showing patient tablet
05:13 pm June 15, 2022
Whether it's in a hospital room, at the doctor's office, on a telehealth call or in a prescription app, health systems are striving to streamline UX and put patients' needs front and center.
04:40 pm May 24, 2022
Healthcare changemakers, patients, clinicians, nurses and innovators will convene in person at the 2022 HIMSS European Health Conference & Exhibition, 14-16 June 2022.
02:29 pm November 16, 2021
Eight C-suite execs offer insights on where they see investments going in the next five years in AI, interoperability, telehealth, cybersecurity, EHRs and emerging technology.
01:18 pm October 19, 2021
Healthcare IT experts from around the word gathered virtually at the HIMSS21 APAC Health Conference on 18-19 October 2021 to get insights on building sustainable healthcare.