Christophe Morvan and Lawrence Giesen of Drake Star on telemedicine
By Bill Siwicki 12:32 pm December 18, 2023
Two investment bankers discuss the players in the telehealth sector, the main financial backers, the dynamics between venture capital and private equity, and more.
A doctor having a virtual consultation with a patient
By Adam Ang 12:43 am December 15, 2023
Also, two hospitals under SingHealth have started adopting Lunit's AI chest X-ray solution.
Healthcare provider in blue scrubs sitting at a desk looking at a computer
By Nathan Eddy 09:51 pm December 13, 2023
The company's portable, battery-operated and Bluetooth-connected device with RPM capabilities enables patients to complete respiratory treatments from anywhere.
Piotr Orzechowski of Infermedica on telehealth and AI
By Bill Siwicki 12:32 pm December 12, 2023
Now that telemedicine is mainstream, artificial intelligence is helping healthcare providers with imperatives such as patient triage. Early results are promising.
Compudopt CEO Megan Steckly on the digital divide
By Bill Siwicki 12:30 pm December 11, 2023
Compudopt enables millions of households to participate in telemedicine – and its community portal offers free tech support, resources and low-cost services for food, housing and more.
Howard Rubin of Evara Health on RPM
By Bill Siwicki 10:38 am December 06, 2023
The FQHC has seen significant improvements in blood pressure and A1c numbers across the patient population enrolled in its remote patient monitoring program.
Healthcare workers in a meeting
By Adam Ang 01:18 am December 05, 2023
They are also committed to investing in AI technologies in the long run.
A doctor conducting a remote teleconsultation using a laptop
By Adam Ang 02:33 am December 01, 2023
Also, the South Metropolitan Health Service is set to implement Magentus' oncology IMS.
A doctor in a remote teleconsultation with a patient
By Adam Ang 07:53 am November 29, 2023
Data security protections also remain weak.
Radiologists read images on screen
By Andrea Fox 11:31 am November 27, 2023
By leveraging private equity investment and local resources and building trust with patients, radiology practices can overcome rural operational challenges, say experts at the RSNA annual meeting.