Government & Policy

computer code on a screen
By Andrea Fox 03:43 pm December 21, 2023
The HHS 405(d) program has new resources to help small to large healthcare organizations navigate what's important when implementing cyber insurance.
FBI seal on an interior wall
By Andrea Fox 10:31 am December 21, 2023
The DOJ announced that the FBI also has decryptor keys for Blackcat ransomware victims and will "prioritize disruptions" as it works to "dismantle the ecosystem fueling cybercrime."
Dr. Justin Norden of GSR Ventures on generative AI
By Bill Siwicki 01:59 pm December 20, 2023
One venture capitalist predicts big news for genAI in healthcare next year, but also expects more government intervention to help protect against patient safety risks and provider liability.
Jenny Ma, senior advisor in the HHS Office for Civil Rights, and  Dr. Mark Sendak of the Duke Institute for Health Innovation
By Andrea Fox 11:02 am December 20, 2023
Leaders at ONC's annual meeting were asked whether they're confident that federal agencies and the private sector can work together to foster innovation while protecting against bias and safety risks. Here's what they had to say.
Physician using tablet with AI clinical decision support
By Mike Miliard 06:27 pm December 14, 2023
Boston Children’s, CVS, Geisinger, UC San Diego and Wellspan are among the 28 providers and payers promising their AI and machine learning models are geared to ensure healthcare outcomes that are "Fair, Appropriate, Valid, Effective and Safe."
Healthcare professional with tablet and laptop
By Andrea Fox 11:49 am December 14, 2023
The agency said the new strategy is critical to achieving its goal of reducing cancer deaths by 50% and improving the burdens of cancer treatments on patients and families.
Doctor speaks with patient
By Andrea Fox 09:25 am December 14, 2023
Despite broad concern by health IT developers and owners, some deadlines have been pushed out in HTI-1, the new federal rule governing certification, AI transparency and other standards, while those for decision support algorithms have not.
The draft NIST differential privacy pyramid
By Andrea Fox 11:25 am December 13, 2023
The National Institute of Standards and Technology created guidance for evaluating differential privacy algorithms that could allow data to be publicly released without revealing the individuals within the dataset.
Beams of light shine between buildings.
By Andrea Fox 04:01 pm December 12, 2023
Five QHINs have completed the onboarding process, according to ONC, and will now drive higher levels of healthcare information interoperability across the U.S.
U.S. Treasury bill
By Andrea Fox 01:09 pm December 08, 2023
This agency's first data breach settlement under HIPAA for a phishing attack involved the alleged failure to conduct a risk analysis to identify potential ePHI threats or vulnerabilities across the Lafourche Medical Group network.